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Fenac Encoders
AS9100 Registered

Plan B Encoder Range covers all existing products on the market. Please supply make model and number and Plan B will send our equivalent model number with data sheet, quotation with expected delivery date.

Incremental Rotary Encoders
Programmable Encoder
Heavy Duty Rotary Encoders
Absolute Rotary Encoders
Absolute Bus Cover Encoders
Motor Feedback Rotary Encoders
Absolute Analog Rotary Encoders
MT Analog Programmable Encoders
Inductive Encoders

IO-Link Encoders
Magnetic Linear Encoders
Wheel Encoders
Off-Axis Bearingless Encoders
On-Axis Bearingless Encoders
Draw Wire Sensors
Miniature Encoders
Rotational Speed Sensors
Rotary Potentiometers
Door Detectors and Sensors
Textile Solutions
Hand Encoders
Magnet Options
M12, 16, 23 Male, Female Sensor Connectors

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